How do I blog?

At the beginning of this week, I turned 26. 26! Oh, don’t worry, I already know what you’re thinking:

If you’re over 30, you are going to tell me that I still have my whole life ahead of me. That it is only the beginning…and there is so much to look forward to. While I do agree that this is only the start of my life, more specifically, my adult life, I would have to reason that I have already lived more life in my 26 years on this planet than most people do when they are twice my age. I’m not so sure I want to experience another couple of decades as “exciting” as my last.

If you’re younger than me, you are probably thinking that you can’t wait to be somewhere around my age, have your life in order, and know what your purpose is. Well, fair warning, life does not magically fall together. In fact, I think it seems more and more likely that it’s going to unravel altogether at any moment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not walking around with a dark cloud over my head, but I haven’t quite found that silver lining I’ve been searching for.

Now that I am in my post-mid-20s (yes, that is a term I created), I’m making changes improvements in my life! I’m sure this list will evolve and grow, but here are my initial goals for my new-and-improved self:

Embrace Life’s Quirks

Green eyes and freckles, for starters. These two traits, especially when combined,  are not the most common for a girl just trying to blend in. Pair that with glasses and reddish-brown hair and you have created a girl that feels awkward and out of place most of the time. I’ve realized that these qualities only make me different, not better or worse than others. There is no reason to feel embarrassed that someone could connect the dots on my arms to create any constellation of their choosing…right?

Have More Fun

This sounds easy, right? Who doesn’t let themselves have fun? Actually, ‘fun’ is impossible for someone like myself who you can’t just let go of a situation. The need for constant control and analyzing others’ reactions can be exhausting. So, I will attempt to just enjoy. Enjoy the craziness of a late night out with friends, enjoy the nervousness of a new experience, just enjoy life. (I don’t think I know what I am getting myself into!).

Make Health a Priority

Yes, I know, this should have been on a ‘list’ a long time ago…but, better late than never! Even better? Today….wait for it….. I RAN. Okay, so I walked/jogged/wheezed for 45 minutes. But, as my calves were on fire and my lungs were trying to claw themselves out of my chest, I haven’t felt that  close to dead alive in a long time. It felt miserable and amazing all at the same time. I will make my life less about sugar and Diet Coke because I’m emotional, and focus on eating for fuel so that I can live a better, longer life. Here’s to health and happiness! (But, I will post an amazingly yummy dessert on here every once in a while…I can’t starve my co-workers!)


I look forward to writing here, my little home on the vast web of the internet. It seems like a good idea (and was recommended to me several times) to have an outlet for everything I’ve been dealing with lately. Feel free to comment, encourage, or recommend things. Like I said, I pretty much have no. idea. what I am doing…but here’s to trying new things!

4 thoughts on “How do I blog?

  1. Good job for someone not knowing what they are doing….lol. Glad you are trying new things. People dont realize what just exerciseing can do.. I’m not the picture of health but I know when I exercise I feel soooo much better. God has a special plan for you and has brought you through these difficult times for a reason. Good Luck!

  2. I can’t wait to read more. I love it and I’m not just saying because I’m your cousin. I read a lot of blogs and although I may be partial it’s got me hooked…..

    • Thanks Brooke! I am so glad people actually like it! I mean, I’ll continue to write stuff anyway…but it makes it more enjoyable! Can’t wait to see you in July!!

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