Day Two: Consistency

Yesterday was the start of a new me.

I don’t think I’ve said that before. Well, said it…and actually meant it. To be honest, I said yesterday because I wasn’t sure if I could continue the ‘new me’ into today…does that still count? Well, it’s going to count anyway.

This past year, my life has flipped upside down, turned backwards, and gone through about 16 back to back loop-de-loops. (Aren’t loop-de-loops always back to back?) I’ve made a decision to stop letting my life feel like a runaway roller coaster and allow myself to regain control. Often times, it’s easier to say, “My life is out of control!”, or “Ahh, seriously, why isn’t anything going my way?”, when in reality, we are the ones taking a back seat in our own lives and letting others make our decisions for us. 

Okay, I know that isn’t some awe-inspiring sentence that you haven’t heard a million times before, but, it means so much more to me during this transition time in my life. Don’t judge the cheesiness, okay? I need a little cheese in my life right now.      Yummm…cheese.

Anyway, thank you all for the support of my blog post yesterday, the likes and comments have been awesome to read. Ironically, I struggled all day with thoughts like, “what am I going to write about tonight?” and “will it be as good/funny/interesting as yesterday’s post?”, then I thought, “was yesterday’s post even good/funny/interesting?”… and the spiral continued until I sat down in front of my laptop.

I started this blog to live my life…not put on a show or try and write comedy. I want to share things that make others feel like there is someone out there as messed up as they think they are. I know I’ll write things that don’t make sense or come up with jokes that just fall flat, but I want to just live an authentic life…weirdness and all.

I’m committing to this blog. Well, not only this blog, but this new me. The real me. For so long I have tried to mold myself to be what others want or become whatever it takes to fit in. Starting today yesterday, I’m going to take charge! (Sorry…the cheese might have appeared again!)

Sophie is trying her best to look pitiful while I finish up the post… she asks everyone to feel sorry for her. (Don’t believe her lies. She just wants extra carrots.)

One thought on “Day Two: Consistency

  1. So proud of this new leaf and for you making it public! I’ve tried to start ‘new’ many times but in anticipated failure I’ve never been able to broadcast it. So congrats and good luck and lots of happy thoughts to you!

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