Big Night Home!

Well, chalk it up to it being a bad end to a tough week, but the post I just typed out magically dissappeared from my page. Hmm… this one won’t be nearly as good, but I will do my best to recreate the magic.


Friday Friday FRIDAY! Actually, I was dreading this night the entire week. It’s my first “Friday night” in my new place with no plans. Friday nights are typically the time for young, single, beautiful people to go out and party the night away. The pressure to “do things” and “meet people” starts about Thursday morning with the infamous question, “Have any plans for the weekend?”. Part of me always wants to make up something really ecclectic and interesting… the other part of me usually wins though, with just a meek smile and “not too much, you?”

This was my thought process this week:

  1. Think of all the productive things I can do with my night, then make a mental note to NOT do any of them
  2. Feel lonely and full of despair… then have a few good sighs.
  3. Imaging myself 40 years from now, head full of gray hair, surrounded by half finished crochet projects and an ungodly amount of cats.

I know, that escalated quickly. And, I’m not even a cat person. (Note to my future self- dye your hair and don’t buy a cat.)

But, I got home and surprise! It’s not that bad. I do have a few gray hairs, but they’ve been there for a while, darn it. I came home, ran (pause for a quick GO ME dance for sweating my ass off three days in a row on the treadmill!!!), showered and put on the comfiest sweats ever. And you know what, that’s. okay.

It’s okay that I spend nights home alone (and with Soph). I don’t have to distract myself constantly to forget that I don’t have the “perfect” life. I kind of enjoyed my night, actually. And…the one important thing I did accomplish? I blew through almost half of Season 1 of The Mindy Project. Mission accomplished.

To end things on a pretty note… check out this view from my apartment! Okay, so it’s not from inside my apartment, but it still counts if it’s within 10 steps of your door, right?

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday night, however you spend it!


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