Dreaming of Cheez-Its…

Another week is underway, which means working out is back on the agenda! I’m picturing Ranger’s Stadium (I will NOT call it Globe whatever…) packed full of people on their feet cheering for me that I haven’t given up with this whole running thing. I’ll admit, I took the weekend off from slowly destroying the cartilage in my knees…and…I took Monday off, too. BUT, don’t shake your heads more than once, I was committed for almost 3 miles tonight! 19 Kids and Counting was on so I HAD to stay and finish the episode, hence the extra mile.

The amount of food commercials that were on TV tonight was unreal! Sure, I may have been looking for them, anticipating the next time an Outback commercial would come on so that I could picture each juicy bite of a medium-rare steak with perfectly seasoned grilled shrimp and a side of…. oh, gosh. Where was I? Right…working out.

I realize I’m trying to better myself, inside and out, but this girl likes food. Good food. (and bad food, too, really any food…) I think about food all the time. Everyone says, “don’t deprive yourself, you’ll only make up for it later”. Shocker: I’m still eating things I love, in fact, I had Babe’s Chicken last night. So amazingly good. You see, my problem comes with working out and then being starving…and it is so tempting to  completely undo all the hard work I did sweating off those calories. I haven’t broken yet, I usually drink about two bottles of water to just fill my stomach and then eat some fruit of some sort… not too bad, right?

My goal is to get to a point where I won’t be so addicted to food and just be able to enjoy eating without all the guilt and regret that comes with it. Balanced with consistent work outs, I think it’s a step in the right direction.

I may still be dreaming of snacks (and desserts, brunch, early morning coffees with flavored seasonal creamer, creamy peanut but- oh, I did it again, sorry), but I’ll only be dreaming of them, because this girl is on a mission to eat better, live better, and look better!

Hope everyone’s dreams are as tasty as mine!

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