Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a moment to pat myself on the back. That’s right…myself!

I’m now consistently running 2.5 miles almost daily (I take a much-needed break every few days so that I don’t blow a knee). I’ve lost 15 (read it again… that’s a BIG ONE FIVE) pounds. And I’m down at least one size, sometimes two if I’m lucky! Go. freaking. ME.

Sure, there’s always the negative side of me, “2.5 miles isn’t very far, 15 pounds is only a small amount of what I need to lose.” But right now, I’m not going to let those thoughts in my head. I feel more motivated than I ever have in my life. I also have more confidence then I’ve ever had. I know I’m nowhere near perfect, but I love how I’m starting to feel.

It is so strange to crave healthier and new foods now. (Sure, I haven’t cut a good burger or fries out of my life…but what normal person would?!) Fruit and vegetables are a huge part of my diet now, rather than chips, macaroni and cheese, and potatoes. I ALMOST enjoy working out…almost, I haven’t gone off the deep end yet. Best of all, I know that nothing feels nicer than clothes fitting better, jeans being loose, and knowing I am becoming healthier and happier every day.

I know I probably don’t look different to anyone else, even I can hardly tell a difference when I look in the mirror. But right now, I’m focused on the inside, and if the outside gets better too, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So, my new obsession is awesome running shirts. I mean, if you’re going to torture yourself  be fit and healthy, you might as well have a sense of humor about it, right? You can find these all over the place on Pinterest or Etsy.  Here’s a couple of my favorites from both.

shirt 1      shirt 2        shirt 4        shirt 3


Well, thanks for reading my “pat on the back”! I know you never know what you’re going to read on this blog…but I hope it’s at least entertaining! It’s kind of terrifying and amazing at the same time to think that I’m putting my emotions out into the web-iverse for all to read. I’ve gotten a lot of encouragement from both friends and strangers…and it couldn’t feel better.

So until the next entry…don’t let the suspense keep you up at night! Or, just go for a run, you’ll be so exhausted you won’t be able to keep your eyes open, trust me.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

  1. 2.5 miles is far, I probably could not run that now if I tried!! Also, the 15 pounds is a big deal, you should pat yourself on the back :o)

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