New Week, New Me!

You know what I love about Mondays?!

Okay, almost nothing…but I do love that it’s a fresh start to the week. That whatever happened the week before is old news and doesn’t have to impact how this week will be.

Anyway, today, as you probably saw on my Facebook post, I kicked butt on the elliptical and then gave everyone a few minutes of entertainment as I attempted to walk out of the gym. Well, I wouldn’t really call it walking, more like a baby giraffe trying to stand up for the first time. Oh, and, of course, women were running like beautiful gazelles on the treadmill as I stumbled by trying to smile and not make a complete fool of myself. Needless to say, it was the highlight of my day. No, truly it was, learning to laugh at myself is this new thing I’m trying…most of the time it’s mortifying, but I think it’s starting to make life a little more fun.

Speaking of life being more fun, here’s my most recent list of new things I’m trying just to enjoy life more (no judgement, I mean it!):

Singing – in the car, the shower (the acoustics…yes!), just in general wherever in my apartment. I used to keep my mouth shut when my favorite song came on, especially if there were other people around. Well, let me just tell you all that you had it easy. I cannot carry a tune in a bucket (with a lid). But hey, why can’t I just enjoy a good song?

Dancing – sorry, there will be no Youtube videos of myself twerking in my apartment…although, I’m sure that’s what you immediately pictured. But, when I’ve got nothing to do at night and Sophie wants to get some energy out, you can bet that we’ve had multiple dance parties (some even included a little karaoke). Seriously, listen to my all-time favorite dancing song and try not to smile and do a little jig yourself!

New Foods – I didn’t ever consider myself a picky eater, per se. Maybe I was, but I tried to never inconvenience others if I didn’t care for something. Recently, I’ve started to branch out and try new foods…and actually accept that I might like them. Turns out, some things are amazing! Not all foods…people still think I’m crazy for not liking avocados or hummus. (Hey, I said no judgement! It’s a texture thing…that’s the next one I hope to “grow out of”). There is so much more flavor in foods that are fresh and cooked well! My diet used to be full of fried this and ketchup-covered that…now I can hardly finish a Chick-fil-a sandwich. It’s crazy, the old things still taste good, but I just don’t crave them.

New Hairstyle (coming soon) –  I made a deal with myself that I would lose 20 pounds and then cut my hair off. My face was/is a little too round to be able to do a bob well…so I’m thinking it will be something summery and shoulder-length. Maybe lighter? Layers? I’m almost to my next weight milestone, so stay tuned!!


Feel free to think of any other ways I can make a complete fool out of myself on the internet. Hah, I’m looking to embarrass myself a little more. But sorry….still no twerking video. I won’t cross that line.

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