So, how was your weekend?

“So, how was your weekend?”

That’s the question I always dread come Monday morning. You have to play the game of sounding like you did something interesting, when in reality, you probably just binged watched a season and a half of Orange is the New Black. Who me? No, I didn’t do that either…

So, how was my weekend really, you ask? It was great! There were friends, there was fun, and best of all, there was laughter. Real laughter.

Friday night was spent in the Bishop Arts District… if you haven’t been and you live in Dallas, shame on you! It is so much fun, the people are less uptight than in Uptown, and the food. is. amazing. Eno’s Pizza is one of my favorite new places. Black garlic and heirloom spinach pizza. Ahhh-mazing. And my new favorite beer: Deep Ellum Dream Crusher. Yum, with grapefruit and rye…seriously, so good. I don’t eat much “real” food anymore, mainly just salads and protein bars lately; I guess that makes special treats like Friday night so much more enjoyable.

I learned something else that night, I need to add ‘learn to parallel park’ to my to-do list. I don’t know how I never learned, but it is really a hassle now that I live closer to downtown. I usually have to Chinese fire drill with the other people in my car so that someone can take over parking when we find an open spot.

There are few things I love more in life than a casual night spent with friends. (Really, the only thing I love more is Nutella…but that’s not on my list right now, we’re separated, it was too clingy…always hanging around, I had to end it). Anyway, I really enjoy just sitting around talking about random, usually pretty dumb, things… laughing can be so therapeutic.

I spent Saturday night on a hot date with a real cutie…and, I think its really going somewhere, too. I mean, his bed time is a little early for me so it puts us on a weird schedule, but we can make it work. We talked and hung out for a few hours, then had dinner together. It was a blast!

photo (2)

Okay, so at this point in the night we were two milks in and he was a little more interested in Elmo than me…but I’m telling you, there’s potential here. Caleb and I are best buds, I love him so much! (And his mom, Christine, is a seriously amazing woman/mom/friend/person in general!) Thank you for letting me spend some quality time with him while you and Joel had a night to yourselves!) I successfully put this little guy to bed with no tears…and it gives me a little hope that one day, somewhere in the future, I can be a successful parent, or if that never happens, I can still continue to be a rad pseudo-aunt.

Today was just what I needed: relaxing. Waking up at 10:30, mainly because it was lightly raining so the sun wasn’t pouring in as it usually does at 7:30. The sound of rain was so soothing, and when paired with a cuddly Sophie in my bed, it was nice to just appreciate my life for a few minutes. Then, I went to see a movie that I normally wouldn’t see: X-Men. It was actually pretty good! What was even better was laughing uncontrollably when a 8 year old tripped on a step in front of the whole theater. Don’t judge me, the kid was fine and I think he even laughed at himself when he got back up. His dad and brother certainly did, that’s for sure.

To wrap up my Sunday…a little grocery shopping. Since I now do it alone, the task has become rather interesting. I usually have to climb on my shopping cart at least twice a trip to try and reach something I need. The acrobatics usually work, only once have I rolled halfway down the aisle, knocking various boxes off the shelf…yes, you can go ahead and laugh, I’ll admit that I did while picking up the things I knocked over.

I’m thinking about changing my shopping times to the peak hours when people go shopping for groceries. Maybe then I’ll find a tall gentleman who will happily help me with the top shelf items I need, and then, we’ll grab a coffee together from the Starbucks inside the Kroger and it will be destiny. Haha, well, needless to say these are the things I think about while trying to un-wedge my shoe from the side of the cart. A girl can dream, right?

Bring it on Monday, I’m ready for you.


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