Back To Reality.

The second part of my vacation, the family reunion, was amazing. There’s something about reconnecting with family and friends that just feeds the soul. It had been roughly a decade since I’d seen most of them, but that’s the thing about family,you can just pick up where you left off and it just feels good to be surrounded by people that love you…just for you you are.

After this weekend, reality hit like a ton of bricks Monday morning. It wasn’t anything in particular, like work or emails. It’s just the little things that you’re reminded of, constantly poking at you from everywhere. Sure, there’s the normal things like laundry, dishes, bills, etc. But there’s another list that I completely avoid by creating a separate to-do list with my priority items…oh, you would like to know what’s on the avoid list?

  1. Find room in my already over-stuffed dresser for the random stack of sweaters/old jeans/college t-shirts that has been sitting in a messy pile since I moved in. Okay, it’s one of the messy piles in my apartment I haven’t gone through.
  2. Go through all messy piles and organize. (…riiiiight)
  3. Find drawer pulls for my over-stuffed dresser…I’ve discovered they’re weird measurements and impossible to fit. Hence the avoidance.
  4. Clean out the over-stuffed dresser to find a “new me” through my wardrobe…this sounds creative and should be fun, but basically I just imagine a bunch of re-folding and finding clothes that still don’t fit. Nope.
  5. Convince Sophie with numerous carrots and other treats that we need to trim her nails. This leads to begging, wiggling, whining, snapping, and finally defeat. (And those are just my reactions, I can’t even get into her drama.)
  6. Find my lost copy of The Notebook…it didn’t make it with the move, and it’s pretty much the best movie to watch when you want to just ignore all of your pain and feel like a teenager in love again. Maybe it’ll be in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart…but that would actually require me to leave my apartment and run errands. Like an adult.
  7. Dust. Everything. Enough said.

Life is hard. It doesn’t give breaks, it doesn’t “go easy” on you. Life kicks you in the rear and expects you to say, “Wow, that was great, please do it again! I love you, Life!”. It’s like this for everyone, I get that. Plans fall apart, life is unexpected, but we get up and move on.


I learned/realized/got slapped in the face this weekend that I am more-or-less an adult. No longer can I blame poor decisions on my youthfulness, or, wait for another chance to tell someone how much they mean to me. Something else to add to my to-do/avoid list:

  1. Learn how to do this whole “succeed as an adult” thing.

Ahem, I’ll get right on that. Well, thank you for following along on this mess of a post tonight. It’s been random and jumbled and terribly written. As always, I hope it was a little entertaining, at least!

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