Okay, another definition for you:


1.  the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force

2. a quality that allows someone to deal with problems in a determined and effective way

Say what?? This is not what I was expecting when Googled “definition of strength”. I was thinking something more like, “ability to carry x percentage of body weight” or “the opposite of weakness”…. I know, I should make up definitions for a living. I’m that good.

This term has been on my mind a lot lately…what is strength? Am I strong? Is it good to be strong? What makes anyone strong, is it all the same, or does it depend on the person? So many questions.

It’s a funny feeling when people tell you “you are strong, you’re one of the strongest women I know”, because most of the time I walk around feeling weaker than…something that’s really weak. I can’t even come up with an analogy for that one. As I’ve said before, my self-confidence is almost non-existent most of the time (although it is growing!) so strength is always something I’ve pictured as out of reach for me.

I love both parts of the definition; being able to resist being moved or broken…that is huge. I mean, literally you probably have to be huge to resist being moved…like mountain-huge. But emotionally, this gives me hope that I do have a strength within me. Something that gives me the power to withstand the hard times I’ve encountered…and be able to deal with them without breaking. I mean, I’ve got a few cracks, definitely, but nothing has broken me yet…and I know I’ve got the willpower to withstand almost anything.

No matter what life has brought me or will continue to bring me, I have been determined to never be a victim. I will embrace my struggle and use it as an advantage to make me a better person. Others sometimes use hard experiences as a crutch or an excuse to act a certain way…but whenever I thought about going down that path, I always realized how powerless and weak I felt making those choices. So, my quote of the day:


I love this. I think people who are strong know what it feels like to be weak. They want to be better than weak, and they aren’t okay with taking the easy road. I am one of those people… strong. I know that life can be just crap sometimes. But life also has a brighter side…and you have to be strong enough to rise above the drama, the weight of the world, your heartache, your excuses, and lift your face to the sun and know that you cannot be broken because you are strong. 

Wow…that ended on a pretty motivational note. You’re welcome! =D

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