Three months, 30 pounds, and a blog.

So, I’ve been living on my own for a little over three months now…and let me tell you, I think I’ve grown more in this short time than I have in the last year decade. This has been the most emotional, frustrating, and exhausting chapter I think I’ve ever been through, but the funny thing is, when I look back I realize it’s also been the most fulfilling, invigorating, exciting, roller coaster with your hands up time in my life, too.

This blog has been there for me as an outlet through all of my ups and downs. I can write about my struggles, or my mistakes. Things I did the hard way, or exciting new things I succeeded at. This 3 months has flown by. I thought I’d share some of my accomplishments, both big and small. Why? Because I’m proud of myself, damn it!


Doing a lot of these things terrified me. They may not seem like a big deal or a great accomplishment, but I did them. I would even say for some of them, I survived. Hah. Barely.

  • Okay let’s start small: I successfully parallel parked for the first time in my life. And, yes, there was a witness. I say there was a witness, because a lot of people know my driving skills are less than expert level. But, with living in the Bishop Arts district and this close to downtown…a girl can’t function (unless she wants to walk miles) without knowing this precious skill. Before, I always had someone to do the parking for me, but I learned real quick being by myself. How did it happen? It was an awesome parking spot, plus I was starving for brunch on a Sunday morning…that’s how it happened. Miracles do exist.
  • I have encountered several situations, including today’s run…that would have made me pee my pants before I’ve been living on my own. I remember when I was a freshman at Baylor, less than a week of living in Waco, we were all gathered in the common room and told by two female police officers: “If you go outside at night alone, you WILL get hurt, raped, or worse.” I guess their way of keeping of safe was scaring the bejeezus out of us, but it worked. I always think about that talk we had now. When I moved in I was scared to walk from my car to the gate of my apartment alone, especially if it was dark. But the past two weeks, I’ve actually run through Oak Cliff and lived to tell about it! Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything dumb, I just feel more aware of my surroundings and realized that people aren’t always “scary”. It’s empowering to not be so scared of everything!
  • I’ve successfully done a complete load of laundry…wait for it…. in one afternoon. Doing laundry isn’t anything new, but doing completing it in one afternoon is the feat. I have realized I am the WORST at remembering to move clothes from the washer to the dryer and somehow even less likely to fold them within the next week. I do the infamous “restart the dryer for 10 minutes to get the wrinkles out” and then just take out what I want to wear and leave the rest in there until the next day. It’s a sick cycle. (No pun intended…but get it? Because washer/dryers have cycles…I know, I know.)
  • I’ve started a blog! What? You had no idea?! Well, please…keep reading! This one really needs no other comment other than I’ve actually kept it up…go me!)
  • I’ve become a handyman/technically a handywoman! In more detail, so far I’ve correctly installed a thermostat, fixed a leaky faucet, hung pictures, refinished a dresser, reset my breaker, and figured out why my ice maker wasn’t working. All by myself! I’m not gonna lie, Google should be my boyfriend, because I ask it for help with everything. That has pretty much become my new favorite phrase to myself: “Google it, Ashley”. And thankfully, Google always comes through for me… it’s gonna take some work to find someone to compare to it. 😉
  • Oh yeah, and that one other accomplishment of mine I posted to Facebook yesterday. No biggie – I’ve just lost THIRTY POUNDS! I’ll admit, I haven’t been really excited about my weight loss because I don’t see much change. But I know the scale can’t be lying to me, and everyone says I look good and they can tell I look thinner…but seriously, I’ve lost 30 pounds and I’ve barely gone down one dress size? Ehh, I guess it just keeps my motivation up! I’ll keep running, eating better, and kicking butt… soon enough it will start to show, it HAS to! Maybe the next 5 pounds that come off will take a couple more sizes with it!

I think it’s been a good three months. Like I said, I’ve learned a lot, cried a lot, and laughed a lot. I can’t wait for the next three, six, even nine months…they’re gonna be great!

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