Adventures in Granbury

Labor Day weekend…actually a pretty ironic name for the holiday where the goal is to do as little labor as possible. But, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely okay with the irony.  After arriving home from my annual Labor Day Adventure (which I’ll attempt to summarize later in this post), what do I do? Well, since the goal is to do nothing all day today, I did not

Unpack my suitcase…I mean, it’s heavy, and I’m SO tired from having just drug it into my apartment. (Please note the epic struggle of not having a man to do these types of things! 😉 Also note the sarcasm.) It’s messy because I just stuffed all of my clothes, shoes, and all my other random crap in it and there’s a high probability it will literally explode when i touch the zipper. No thanks. I’ll give it a week or two to calm down inside and avoid the risk.

Do laundry…Thank God I have scrubs ready for work all week and therefore, this task can also be post-poned until I run out of clean underwear. That will be at least three more weeks.


Grocery Shopping…yeah, no. Waaay to much work. What would be much more productive? A nap. Done.

My long weekend was spent in the little hill country town southwest of Fort Worth known as Granbury, Texas. And yes, I had to re-Google the location of the city in relation to Fort Worth because my sense of direction is that bad. I actually consider it a talent how bad it is. (Wait, north isn’t always in front of me? Seems like it to me!) So, anyway, here’s the condensed summary of the past few days adventures.

4 days. 3 nights. 11 people. 1 kitten (local resident that was extremely cuddly…miss you already Robert!). 2 pairs of sunglasses. Sunscreen. More sunscreen. Bug spray. 47….yes, 47 mosquito bites (just me…by the way). More bug spray. 1 busted knee. Great conversations with old and new friends. Dance parties. Alcohol. Beer pong. Flip Cup. Hot tub. Sleep (x3). Hangover (x2). Greasy breakfast and aspirin (x2). More sunscreen.

It was so nice to just get away from real life for a little while. I forget how beautiful the hill country can be even though I grew up in similar surroundings. I’ve got a few more ‘firsts’ to add to my list as well!

1. Toured my first brewery! Granbury is home to Revolver Brewing Co., I’ve had several of their beers before, but it was pretty awesome to get to see where it’s bottled. And, for $10 you get a fancy Pilsner glass with 4 beers of your choice on draft! Plus, a giant lawn chair and average cover band equals a pretty great afternoon.

                      10275946_10102347239275767_7649841145512595756_n    10620722_10101656679697493_5711077056906299187_n

2. Vacationed and successfully avoided a sunburn! I’m so impressed with myself I just can’t even handle it. Sure, I got a little red after swimming for a few hours, but it was gone the next day. Success again!

3. Acquired a record number of insect bites. 47 to be exact… mostly mosquitoes, I think. I hope? Apparently, I’m just too sweet. 😉 Yes, I used Off like crazy, but the more accurate name would have been On. I also learned that a spoon run under hot water and then pressed onto the bite takes out the itching! Well, I still consider the spoon a rumor because we didn’t have water that was hot enough. But I was successful in using the freaking hot metal part of the seat belt on my bites and that took the sting right out. Pretty cool, right?

4. Learned a new board game: Rummikub. This game is so fun, but at 3:00am it is the most challenging thing you can do. I don’t think the guy that agreed to teach two girls who were already a couple beers in knew what he was getting into, but then again, maybe he did because he won every game.

4. Injured myself while trying to exercise. Okay, so maybe while exercising we got distracted and walked around houses that were vacant and for sale…limestone stairs are not my friend, I’ve found. Rolled my ankle, busted my knee open and tried to shake it off the mile home. I think it’s a sign I shouldn’t work out while on vacation. I’ll remember that for future trips.

5. Survived my first “vacation” by myself. Packing, organizing, setting up random things like bills getting paid, dog being boarded, time off work requested… it’s all a lot more manageable when you have a partner taking on half of the responsibilities. I am glad that I did everything I was supposed to, didn’t forget anything, or break down while I was there. Success, for a third time!

All in all, it was a good trip! Now… about that nap. Trust me…I’ll be successful at that task as well.

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