Challenge: Accepted

I just completed Day 1 of Juice Cleanse-O-Rama Challenge! (If you missed out on the pre-juicing experience, you can laugh about it here.) First off, let’s just be impressed that I actually did it. There were a few weak moments in there when I almost dove into the snack drawer at work and found some sad, lonely Cheez-It’s with my name on them. Literally, I had to write my name on everything so it wouldn’t get eaten. But, I held out and told those Cheez-It’s to turn on a sad song because no one is coming for them any time soo

I’m not gonna lie, it totally helped to have a buddy doing this with me. Yes, I could say it’s her fault that I’m doing this…and, I may at some low points in my hunger-rage, but honestly, I should be thanking her for inviting me to do this. And, texting all day about juice and the foods we’re missing out on made the day go by a little faster. Plus, sharing funny photos always helps too:


I’d say we have some pretty awesome emotions about this juice. All I’m sayin’ is, these pictures could get crazy.

 Surprisingly, I didn’t get hungry until I got home from work at 5:15. Drinking 4 bottles of juice and 6 glasses of water had me feeling crazy full (not to mention peeing every 30 minutes). Fun times. Actually, the flavors are much better than I expected, although still not cheeseburger and fries good. Let’s not get out of hand. (Can you imagine a healthy cleanse where you could just drink milkshakes or eat wings all day? Wow…can you tell I’m hungry? Hahah.) Here’s what stared me in the face all day…and I promise, the staging was NOT intentional, that’s literally just how cliche my life is.


The first one was pretty good actually. I was expecting to have to plug my nose and choke these down, but they start you off easy with mostly green-colored orange juice. That second one…the red one, I thought “Oh, yum, strawberries? Nope- it’s beets. Gross. I do not like beets. At all. The third monster is misleading, you think it’s green orange juice again, but surprise! It’s basically celery with cayenne pepper in it. Yikes. And then, when you don’t want to see anything liquid ever again…you get to have another beautiful bottle of green…something. That one was cucumber, not great, but not too bad. Whew, that cayenne…it was a punch in the throat for me.

With this plan, you get to choose your own dinner. Woo hoo! Well, Lauren and I both had ours planned by 10am I’m pretty sure. Unfortunately, you can’t go crazy and have a Big Mac super-sized or anything (I wish). So, grilled chicken and fruit it is!

Stay tuned for more stories and photos as I continue on this juicing adventure!

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