I Would Rather

I would rather make mistakes than be perfect.

I would rather take chances than live with regrets.

I would rather be hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.

I would rather have one real friend than 500 surface-level relationships.

I would rather be honest about who I am than live a life of secrets and shame.

I would rather gaze at the stars than be afraid of the dark.

I would rather stay awake on coffee or Red Bull to get through the morning than have a boring night in.

I would rather take 5 trips to carry in my groceries, then have to force someone to help me bring them in.

I would rather try something new and be terrified than be comfortable and stagnant.

I would rather dance in the rain than walk with an umbrella.

I would rather sleep in a big bed alone than wake up feeling so far from someone so close.

I would rather be kind and forgiving than bitter and angry.


I would rather be alone forever than spend a single day with someone who doesn’t make me happy.

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