Movie for One

If you’re reading this post, you’ll be happy to know I survived. For a couple minutes, I didn’t know if I would make it. But congratulations to me: I did!

I went to a movie by myself.

(I’ll pause for you to finish your gasp, pick your jaw up off the floor, and the applause to die down………)

Alright, ready for some details? The idea came out of nowhere this afternoon, I had a great morning, got in my jog, had brunch with a friend…I can’t figure out why I decided to torture myself today. It was about 3:30, and I thought: hm, why not go to a movie? For some reason, the sane part of my brain didn’t kick in and scream: because you have no one to go with you!!! I looked up movies that were out, and couldn’t decide between two: The Maze Runner and This is Where I Leave You. After watching the trailers for both, I decided that it would probably be best to go see the one I wouldn’t likely break down sobbing in the theater (i.e. The Maze Runner won). I’d read the books a couple of years ago, and enjoyed them. It’s more action driven rather than drama filled, so I think I made the best decision.

Now, which theater? Do I go to an older one? A trendy one? Studio Movie Grill? Well, I quickly crossed off SMG, those are like prime date-night places, and I didn’t think I could handle eating by myself AND a movie by myself in one afternoon. (I’m not THAT crazy.) So, I decided to pick an older theater in north Dallas and hope I didn’t run into anyone I knew.

It played out like a freakin’ movie. I laugh about it now, but I wanted to crawl in a hole when it happened. I sit in the parking lot because, of course, I’m super early for the movie. After I have multiple conversations with myself (maybe I am THAT crazy), and then a conversation with a friend via text about how stupid I was, I mustered up the courage to get out of my car. I wait in line for my ticket, on my phone “texting” the entire time so people around me would think I was “meeting someone” and I wasn’t alone at a movie… (ugh, it sounds so pathetic!). Then, it happened, I asked the ticket guy, “One, for The Maze Runner”. He responds with, “Just one ticket, you said?” SERIOUSLY?! I wanted to bang on that plexi-glass and scream into that weird microphone thing in between us: YES, JUST ONE TICKET! I’M DIVORCED AND TRYING TO GET OUT OF MY BUBBLE! CAN’T YOU SEE I’M ALONE?! …but I didn’t. He probably didn’t even realize what he said, or maybe he didn’t hear me. Who knows, but he’s lucky there was a barrier between us.

Okay, I get to my seat and I’m sitting there alone, in the dark, with only popcorn and a smuggled-in Diet Coke (I’m on a budget, okay?!)…I kept thinking to myself: this is my life now, party of one. Then another guy walks in, by himself, with popcorn (and he splurged for a movie Coke…he must be loaded). So, what do I do? I take a photo. No, not in a creepy way. Okay, maybe a little creepy, but I wanted proof I wasn’t the only person who goes to the movies alone.

I wanted to high five this dude.
I wanted to high five this dude.

After about 12,357 commercials/previews/reminder about no texting, the movie finally started and I could ignore the fact that I was hating every minute of this experience. Also, I dropped my popcorn halfway through the movie due to a startling scene. Ugh. (Side note, if you’re interested: it was a good movie, although not exactly by the book. I’m pretty sure I was the only one in the theater that actually read the book, due to all the gasping and shock towards the end, but anyway…)

After the movie, I had the awesome idea of walking really close to the group in front of me so that it appeared I was with that group. Smart, right? Until they abruptly stopped before the exit to talk about the movie…then I had to awkwardly just walk through their group circle and make my way towards the exit. Then- I power walked to my car and let out a huge sigh of relief. I made it. I did it. I’M FREAKING AWESOME. 

Now, it’s yoga pants and take out Chinese food. Yes, I deserve it, it was a traumatic day. I’ll leave you with my inspirational quote from my friend, Elle. You go girl!



3 thoughts on “Movie for One

  1. You are awesome and we love you. I know you didn’t find it fun at the time but I am eating lunch alone in the company break room and you give me courage. Also know that I look a little crazy cause I’m in here laughing out loud to your wonderful post

  2. Dude, I LOVE going to movies by myself. Don’t have to share popcorn, arm rests, and I can go to any movie I want without my companion making fun of it.
    But seriously, awesome. Way to go!

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