Running is Cheaper than Therapy

This weekend I crossed another item off of my single-bucket list. I tend to combine the words single and bucket and call it my “suck-it list”, mainly because I feel like I either 1) suck at doing the items on my list (ie, running, being independent, etc.), or 2) because every time I accomplish an item I tell everyone who said I couldn’t to suck it. Classy, I know.

On Saturday I ran my first official 5K! I’ve walked 5Ks before, but never even considered doing anything other than taking advantage of the included breakfast and chatting with friends while walking for an hour. I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t think I could do it. It wasn’t so much the distance (it’s not like it’s crazy far, only 3.1 miles), but it was the commitment to train for it, having to run in front of hundreds of other people, and having to finish what I started that morning.

As for a few of the positives I took from my experience: The run was put on by Mary Kay, and benefited cancers affecting women and domestic violence, both great causes which makes it easier to run for a good reason. I got to catch up with some AMAZING ladies who ran with me and supported me. They invited me into their group and I felt welcome and loved! It was a healthy, inspirational way to start a Saturday morning, and oh yeah, I survived. Ha.

And of course, I have to be honest…there were some moments I felt a little down. I did NOT want to run in front of all those people, thoughts kept rushing through my head, “What if my run looks ridiculous? What if I’m the first one to start walking because I can’t run far? I’ll probably trip. Did I charge my phone enough? What if my playlist runs out? What do I do if my shoe laces come untied?…it was unending. Also, I felt like I was going to die pretty much the whole time. Okay, so that’s slightly dramatic, but I did think I started to see the light about 50 feet from the finish line. Don’t worry, I said “no thanks Big Man, gotta finish this race, try me another time”.

Overall, it was fun! I’m glad I accomplished my goal and I can say that I did it. In fact, I signed up for my next one in December because I loved it so much! Well, I mainly signed up because it’s for work…but the reason doesn’t really matter, right?

Now…what to accomplish next on my suck-it list?

2 thoughts on “Running is Cheaper than Therapy

  1. Good for you!! I finally made my way back to a real gym routine and felt that exact same way after sticking with the workout regime. You should give hot yoga a try just for fun! 🙂

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